Choosing a Dallas Data Center: The Complete Guide

A data center (also spelled datacenter) is a repository facility that its duty is to centralize and organization or company IT operations and facilities. It also manages, stores and safely disperse data. They house the most critical network systems that are vital to the daily operation of the organization. Data centers also ensure the safety of this data.

Every data center is designed in a unique way. Data centers that are internet facing handle little applications and they are browser based and its users are few and unknown. There are also enterprise data centers. They serve less users, but they can handle a lot of applications. This applications varies as they are custom applications.

dallas data center

The facility is located at the heart of Silicon Prairie. This Dallas data center is flexibly designed and their services are reliable. There offer a number of services. For instance performance IP. This ensures that there is reliable with use of latest technology it grants access to multiple Internet Services Providers at the same time.

They offer colocation too. The data centers offer future proof of your network infrastructure by using global networks and ensuring their availability. There is also public cloud. You should learn how to scale your network infrastructure and also host your relevant applications in the cloud of your choice.

In the Dallas data center you will enjoy dedicated hosting. This means that you will be provided with quick popular server settings. They can also optimize this configurations to meet your personal application needs and taste. After hosting, this hosting will be managed. They will create a hosting that will be unique and will provide an environment that is suitable to your applications.

There is another function that is offered by the Dallas data center, it is called CDN. This means that they will deliver quality content during streaming of on-demand video to most internet users all over the world.

The Dallas data center has also offered a lot of engineering and technical jobs to many residence. Every economical year the center offers around 130 data center engineering or technical jobs. They can employ you as a support technician or a generator technician according to your qualifications.

Dallas data center has put into measure a number of techniques to ensure data integrity. This Internap data center are designed in a way to ensure that the data they handle is safe. There are techniques that are classified as physical. This means that there is 24/7 security personnel that are there to escort clients and customers that visit the center. There are also very secure loading docks for the clients.

The Dallas center also has finger-prints activated locking mechanisms to secure their rooms and facilities. They have also used a high- tech technology that estimates the weight of a person and tries to decide whether the person is trying to sneak out equipment. The center has also installed live CCTVs monitoring security systems. The footage recorded by this system is maintained for around 90 days before it is erased.

Dallas data center has a number of unique features that make it outstanding.

1. HIGH POWER DENSITY: The center has been upgraded with modular UPS units that ensures there is uninterrupted power supply. There are also high-tech cooling facilities that can allow a power configuration of up to 18kW for every rack

2. REMOTE MANAGEMENT: There is a customer portal that allows a client to securely log in and manage their Dallas colocation environment in an easy way. Through this methods you can reboot your servers, inspect power usage and monitor the bandwidth. All this is made possible with a single interface.

3. ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN: The center is fitted with equipment that are specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind. This design elements include: variable frequency drives, ultrasonic humidification systems and zones that contain cold or hot aisles.

4. RESILIENCY: Beside the usual N+1, the infrastructure is designed to maintain generator, cooling modules and UPS to effectively run your environment.

5. HYBRID HOSTING: The center uses a colocation design that is seamless, they also host the environment within the center. This unique design ensures that the center lowers the bandwidth costs and in the end improve its performance.

6. CARRIER DIVERSITY: The Dallas data center offers a carrier that is robust and neutral. It also comes with local access options and alternative transit. They are further optimized up to 10GB and are transferred over more than 10 of the best tier carriers.

7. CUSTOMER AMENITIES: The center offers a fully equipped office or room and also a technical workspace. In addition to that they offer a lounge that has DIRECTV and Xbox facilities, there are also a number of multiple vending options for beverages and snacks.

8. There is also a mobile service that allows the client to receive alert messaging and also there is a voice service hub that plays the same role too.

If you want to visit this amazing facility, you may request a tour with them. This will give you a rare chance to get behind the scenes of the facility and interact with the staff at a personal level. All this can be done easily from their website. The data center is also a Gold certified facility. Or you can also download Dallas Data Center datasheet that is available online and it gives more on the technical details.

Dallas data center has greatly evolved in the recent few years. They have adopted new technologies e.g. visualization to increase IT flexibility. The need to have their data secure and the need to keep up with the growing technology, organizations are opting for cloud-based services and also network infrastructure.

There is also research that is being done focused more on how to reduce a lot of energy that is used by this data centers. This is being done by using technology that is more efficient and strict management of data center to reduce energy wastage. Data centers that have fully applied this steps are called green data centers. Most data centers are trying to be friendly to the environment.

A Dallas Data Center Can Improve Your IT Management

In any business, keeping operational expenses down is often a goal in the business plan. One area that often demands a lot of investment is technology. Powerful servers are needed to house data that is essential for daily business operations. Special IT personnel must be hired to maintain these servers to ensure that they are up 24/7. When technology becomes obsolete, a company has to spend money to upgrade equipment and software. In-house IT cost can push a company’s budget to the limits. However, many companies in the Dallas area have found a better solution in using a Dallas data center.

Outsourcing data management to a data center provides a company with many financial and operational benefits. For one thing, there is no longer the need to allocate valuable office space to house the servers. Also, a data center has trained personnel on site to address any problems with the equipment right away. A company no longer needs to hire IT personnel for a graveyard shift, thus saving money in its personnel budget.

The data center will take care of all upgrades to the data servers. A company no longer needs to make that investment every few years. Capital expenditure on equipment can be greatly reduced.

A data center is also more secure. A typical company usually just puts its servers inside a locked room with minimal security. A data center takes security seriously. You can expect to see a multi-layered security protocol in place that will ensure the security of your data.

If a business ever suffers from a power outage, business operations can still continue if the data is stored at a data center. Employees can work remotely and minimize business interruptions.

These and many other benefits in using a Dallas data center are driving more businesses to choose this IT solution. Outsourcing data management to a data center makes good operational and financial sense.

Reasons to Host Your Database at a Dallas Data Center

If you are a business owner who is looking to upgrade their hosting or launch a new website then you should definitely consider using a Dallas data center, especially if the vast majority of your traffic comes from the United Staes.

When you choose a data center in Dallas for your hosting, you benefit from high speeds for American users, as well as the confidence that the infrastructure of the hosting provider will be up to the task. If you host your data abroad, you have no idea of the quality of the Internet connection and the reliability of the power supply. You cannot be sure of the redundancies that are in place, and your hosting provider may be subject to laws that are rather different to the laws in Dallas.

As a business owner, hosting your server in Dallas ensures that the data will be protected by local laws, and that the quality of service is likely to be good, and the performance reliable. When your livelihood is at stake, these basic assurances matter a lot. Do not take risks with your connection in an attempt to save a few dollars on hosting.

Dallas Data Center Analysis

The Dallas data center is a location that I consider to posses some of the state-of-the art equipment to offer all data solutions for the modern day world we are living in. The facilities are purposely built to create an environment for full redundancy, maximum availability and uninterrupted power supply. The SSAE-16 secure audited data centers ensure a strict adherence to established guidelines, controls and policies. We are located in Dallas which is just a few minutes from Fort Worth. Whether you need full cabinets or a single unit rack, we are prepared to meet all your data needs and provide all the necessary data solutions.